Advanced Structural Inspections by Scott Sauer. Professional home inspections for buyers, sellers and realtors.
A complete home inspection can be a very beneficial tool when putting your house on the market. Because the inspection by ASI will inform you of any potential issues your home may have, they may be addressed prior to listing your home. That will significantly affect the marketability of your home and speed-up the closing, as the buyer will undoubtedly request an inspection prior to purchase. If issues are found on the buyer’s inspection, you may need to renegotiate your price to account for repair costs. You may find that you no longer maintain an advantageous negotiating position. The State of Nevada requires a Seller’s Real Property Disclosure, so obtaining as much information about your property prior to listing will help protect you from possible legal liability later on. Real Estate Agents may be more inclined to show your home knowing that the property inspection has already been completed. The agent will know that the property they are showing to their client has all deficiencies documented and not having to obtain a buyer’s inspection will be one less issue they will need to deal with at contract.

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